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19 March 2006.
South Sydney DRLFC Chairman Nicholas Pappas has announced this afternoon that the proposal from Peter Holmes à Court and Russell Crowe has been overwhelmingly endorsed by the voting Membership of the Club, meaning the pair will invest $3 million into the Rabbitohs in return for a 75% share of the Club.

The voting Membership, of which nearly 4000 votes were cast, voted in favour of the Holmes à Court and Crowe proposal by a 75.8% majority.

Mr Pappas described it as a momentous day for the Club, giving it the opportunity to at last operate on a level playing field with the other NRL Clubs.

“This has been people power at its most potent,” Mr Pappas said.

“Our supporters have given Peter and Russell an opportunity to unite this Club and make it a force again in the NRL.

“It also enshrines all core values that our Members hold so dear and ensures that the Club forever remains in Sydney.

“This is the mandate Members gave my Board and we have delivered on all our promises.

“This is a time for the entire South Sydney family to come together and embrace a bright new future for our much-loved Club.

“I congratulate Russell and Peter on the dedication they have shown towards our beloved Football Club and thank our Members for the magnificent manner in which they acquitted themselves today at such a critical moment in our Club’s history.”

Chris Keeble
Business Development / Sponsorship/ Marketing Manager

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